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I have a cooking blog at if you would like to take a gander. The recipes are usually very simple and easy to make, very tasty, and some are very helpful; for example, I have a .PDF you can download on Keto breads, the recipes of which I’ve been collecting for a while. There are recipes to make with kids, and for kids, like edible play dough, and non-edible silly putty.

I have substitutions for people who have to switch up their diets but still want recipes for comfort foods they love, and some very unusual recipes thrown into the mix, too.

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Nutritional Approaches To Rosacea … sadly, there is no cure

Eat turmeric (1/2″ of the root daily) and cut out the gluten. It is not a digestible protein, for starters, and it causes inflammation throughout the body, including the joints and brain.

Use only fermented dairy (yogurt, cheeses, and sheep or goat products are better than bovine because of the shorter proteins).

Eat porridge frequently, as it draws toxins and heavy metals from the gut.

Keep SAM-e tablets around for flare-ups, and use like aspirin but without harm to the gastro-intestinal tract.

Antioxidant Facial Oil 

Clean a small bottle (like the ones at the dollar store) and  spray it with alcohol before filling with:

10 ml Rosehip Oil / Sea Buckthorn Oil (strong antioxidants)
90 ml Coconut Oil (the liquid form; it is a drying oil that liquifies sebum in the pores, and is better for young or oily complexions) or Grapseed Oil (very toning, for normal to dry complexions)
50 drops Fennel Essential Oil (to encourage subdermal collagen production)

Use a few drops as a make-up remover. For bed time, just massage into the skin, rinse with tepid water, and pat dry, adding a little more around the eyes if needed. As a daytime moisturizer, massage a few drops into your skin, gently rinse, and blot dry.

Rosacea Facial Mist

Into a small spray bottle (prepared as above) put in:

120 ml Distilled Water
36 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Use to mist the face several times a day. If you want a product that sets your makeup, add 1/2 t. vegetable glycerine.


Ointment For Lichen Sclerosis

Few menopausal women seem to know about this problem, especially as it affects the vulva. Though it affects mostly women and can appear anywhere, this is a real problem for some ladies because mistaken for simple thinning of the tissues, it can actually erode the labia, and can be quite painful. Cortisone ointment is the treatment of choice by physicians, whose mandate is not to heal, but to monitor and control symptoms – two different outcomes.

Personally, I don’t do well with a lot of pharmaceuticals, so looking at herbs and essential oils helpful for the condition according to herbalists, naturopaths, and aromatherapists, I made the following ointment to use as needed using a hot infusion of oils.Lichen Sclerosis

Other useful herbs include Amala, Giloy, Kranj, Neem, Plantain, and Red Clover.

For a cold infusion, put the dried herbs in a sterile jar and cover it with the oil. Cap and put into a bright window. Shake it every day so that mold gets no chance to grow in air pockets. After a month, filter it and put into a pot. Grate the beeswax and gently heat just until the shreds are melted, and proceed as above, from number 4.


About Nature Identical Oils

Nature Identical essential oils are blends of essential oils, various extracted aromatic compounds, and constituents of essential oils or synthetic chemicals. They may be a rectified blend of components that mimic the chemical structure of the original oil. They are to pure essential oils what nutritional supplements are to whole foods, somewhat comparable to getting your nutritional needs met through supplements rather than food.

The synthetic constituents used mimic the chemical spectrometry of natural consitutents from the plant. They smell like their natural equivalents but contain on average noticeably fewer complete constituents found in the oil they copy, and may have unknown chemical additives. Synthetic oils do not have a direct counterpart in nature in terms of ingredients but are chemically copied and mixed. Often they are called ‘scented oils’ or ‘scent oils’ and are typically less expensive.

Nature Identical essential oils are generally used in industry for fragrance purposes as they are less expensive and tend to be more fragrant than essential oils in their pure form. Using nature identical oils can solve a common problem for product formulators who don’t want to use completely synthetic fragrances. They can help product formulators achieve that intense fragrance but in a way that is somewhat safer, much cheaper, and can technically be considered somewhat natural.

However, they are not considered appropriate for food use (they are used to flavor teas and other foods in some Middle Eastern Countries) or any kind of clinical aromatherapy. Conventional wisdom says that if your goal is to create something of therapeutic value then you should never use anything but pure essential oils. Having certification on the oils you purchase for aromatherapy will include a lot-specific GCMS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry) analysis from reputable purveyors, especially important if buying through a retailer or multi-level marketing representative (who usually cannot provide this important technical information that so necessary for clinical applications).

Why is this important? Because disreputable bulk sellers are usually from countries that do not meet the same health and safety standards as in Europe or North America, and have been known to adulterate lots of ‘pure’ essential oils with synthetic constituents. These fraudulent lots are sold only after initial test samples of pure high-quality oils representing those lots have been provided and passed mass spectrometer testing by the purchaser, and have been approved for purchase. Then the incoming shipment of oils may be of much inferior quality not at all matching the original approved samples.

Aromatherapists have unwittingly used such products on their patients, so be sure to make your purchases through reputable sources only.

Sun Damage Prevention & Repair Spritz

I store this in the fridge, but keep some it in a small spray bottle in my purse…very nice to use in summer traffic jams!

7 oz. Rosewater or Orange Blossom Water
2 T. Glycerine
1 t. Ascorbic acid powder
12 drops Lavender Essential Oil (optional)

Pour into a sterile glass jar, shake well, and keep in the fridge. Fill a small sterile spray bottle for daily use, replenishing the spritz bottle as necessary.

1992 research at University of Maryland showed that topical application of a 10% solution of ascorbic acid (a common synthetic form of vitamin C) prevented sun damage to skin. If applied once or more daily, no sunscreen was found to be necessary.

This did not act as a sunblock. It was found that the vitamin C was absorbed into the skin’s cells and prevented ultraviolet damage to the DNA. This solution can also be applied after burning to reverse damage already sustained, as there was some indication that it could reverse past sun damage.

Because it is not washed off, you will still tan and continue to make vitamin D. Having no apparent side effects, unlike retinal, you may continue to expose your skin to moderate sun.

First Aid For Sunburn

Once, when he was 15, my platinum-haired son went canoeing and took off his shirt when he got too hot. Thankfully he was wearing a baseball cap, but he came back quite red. The next morning he was purple, with streaks down to where his pants had covered him, and he was quite sick.

I did what the doctor had prescribed when it had happened to me, keeping him in a dark room to sleep and hydrating him as much as possible when the blisters came up. But one of the things that helped to sooth our whole family whenever they had sunburn was a lavender tapioca gel I made. This he slathered on when he was up and around again.

Bring to the boil:
1-1/2 c. Water.

In a jar, shake 1/2 c. water with:
2 T. Instant Tapioca (arrowroot or cornstarch will do in a pinch).
Pour this into the boiling water and whisk until thick, then take off the heat.

When almost cool, whisk in:
75 drops Lavender essential oil.

Pour into a clean jar and keep it in the fridge. Discard it after a few days, and make up new batches whenever needed. Use this as a soothing natural gel for sunburn.


It’s About Those Cataracts

I was told two years ago that I have baby cataracts not worth operating on as yet, so I had tried a very expensive over-the-counter product , and found it really helped. But a couple of months ago I started finding the cataracts progressively annoying, as if Vaseline were in my one eye.

So I did some research and wound up making myself some eye drops with a dilution of colloidal silver and NAC. Again, I am amazed by the results.

Anyone facing loss of visual acuity might want to do some research on this, and decide for yourself in which direction you might want to go. Especially since the medical profession no longer aims to ‘cure, heal, and do none harm’, but instead to monitor and control symptoms. So though Diabetes It is considered to be reversible in the early stages with drastic changes in nutrition, but most people are told it is incurable; thus the disease progresses along with an advancing pharmacological protocol that keeps the industry’s profits going while the disease ravages your body. Having had this disease impact me personally, I am not happy with the less than altruistic focus of today’s medical profession except in cases of trauma and certain illnesses.

And I am one of those people that will not have a vaccine if there is mercury, aluminum, or human body tissues in its manufacture. I have seen what they do first hand, I have researched the problem, and I know practicing physicians who will not allow their children to have them. I believe I am in excellent company.

Just remember, always keep things sterile whenever you opt for home remedies. And of course, do your own research!

Detoxification Baths

I enjoy taking these, so thought I would share some recipes with you. Just add one of the following to the tub, and ensure the salts are dissolved before stepping in! Don’t forget a final rinse with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to every quart of clear rinse water, and follow up with a good body lotion.

Bath 1 – Quick & Easy:
1 c. apple cider or kambucha vinegar
1 c. Epsom salts

Bath 2 – Oxygenating:
2 c. hydrogen peroxide (3%)
1 T. ginger, powdered.

Bath 3 – With Detoxifying Body Mask:
1/2 c. Bentonite clay mixed with water for a body mask
1/2 c. Epsom salts

While standing in the tub full of the mineralized water, smooth the clay mask over your body. Sit on the edge of the tub for 20 minutes, then slip into the tub and wash it off.

Quick Fixes – Some Natural Remedies

Arthritis: 1 t. Turmeric, 1 t. unflavoured gelatin, 2 . honey, and 1-2 c. Warm milk before bed. Add a pinch of cinnamon or ginger for a better flavour.

Brain Health: Eat eggs for their choline, 2 T. Of Coconut Oil daily for their triglycerides, and drink clean water (reverse osmosis or distilled). That is all your brain is made of, and without causes the brain to be malnourished.

Bruises: Bite a Vitamin E capsule or two, and apply the contents to the bruise, then swallow the capsule.

Blood Sugar: Work a teaspoon of cinnamon into your diet daily or mix with honey into hot water before bed.

Colds: 1 big pinches of Ajwain + 2 tablets of Siberian Ginsing + 1 Zinc 3 x daily, and all the chewable Vitamin C you want. Drink herbal teas: Hibiscus for Vitamin C, Licorice Root tea for cough, Marshmallow Root for sore chest, and Bromelein supplements to break down mucous.

Dairy products will only nourish you if the butterfat is well over 3%. The proteins must have available calcium to be processed, and the fat carries the calcium and helps to get it into the bloodstream. Without the fat, the proteins, which demand calcium, strip it from the bones and teeth. A fetus is brutal in its demand for calcium. So drink less milk if you are concerned about fat and animal proteins, but when you do, use light cream at 5% BF (butterfat). Low-fat dairy products do more harm than good, and have added stabilizers and gums added to them.

Depression: 20 IU Vitamin D3 per lb., with
2.5 mg Magnesium Citrate per lb. Of body weight, daily. Use Magnesium Oil.

Distilled Water will help with many health problems and flush out kidney and liver channels by breaking down insoluble mineral deposits. You do not need to add minerals to the water, as soluble minerals are absorbed by plants, thus you get them from the foods you eat, not water.

Earache: Mash a clove of garlic in 2 t. Olive oil. Wait 10 minutes before straining into a drop bottle. Put a few drops into affected ear and wad with some cotton. Do this 2 x daily until ear is well.

Fats should only be consumed when as close to nature as possible. Genetically modified oils such as corn, soy, and canola are worse for your health than lard. Use cold-pressed virgin oils and low heat when cooking. Clear deodorized cooking oils are also bad as the molecules have been fractured by heat and chemicals, so they enter the bloodstream as free radicals, and exhaust the immune system. Cook with butter, coconut oil, and yellow extra-virgin olive oil as often as possible. Save the fried chicken for a rare treat.

Flu Buster
1 lemon or lime, juiced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 t. Ginger, minced
2 t. Raw honey
1/8 – 1/4 t. Cayenne
2 c. Water

Make this up 2 or 3 times a day at the onset of a cold or Flu, until well.Fatigue: Natural B12 (methylcobalamine) sublingual at 3,000 mcg daily

Memory Fog & Loss: 1 T. Coconut Oil with 10 mg; Lithium Orotate daily against Alzheimer’s.

Insomnia: 3 capsules of flax seed oil (or 3 T. Ground daily), with warm milk and honey at bedtime.

Magnesium Oil: 2 T. Epson Salts In 3 T. Boiling water; stir until dissolved. Pour into glass bottle. Massage 1/2 t. On tummy at bedtime to help calm kicking legs, anxiety, etc.

Tremors: Try using Magnesium Oil, Vitamin D3 therapy as above, and a good teaspoon of liquid lecithin daily, which will coat the myalin sheath around the spinal nerves.

Wounds: Make a cup of comfrey tea, strain, and dip a clean washcloth or handkerchief in the tea. Wring it out and apply to clean wound or bruises. If you need an ointment, raw honey is excellent.