Nelsie’s Best Laundry Powder

You can make this without the OxyClean and Javex, but I like to give my laundry powder an extra boost. You can also use this in HP washers because it does not make a lot of lather.


3 Bars of Soap
4 c. Borax
4 c. Washing Soda
3 scoops OxyClean
2 c. Javex Bleach For Unbleachables
1 t. Lavender Essential Oil

In a food processor, start grinding the soap with some of the powdered ingredients, and when ground fine, pour into a large bowl. Proceed with the next bar of soap and powders until you are on the last bail, and add the lavender essential oil. Grind that in, and add to the rest. Gently mix all and keep in a large air-tight food container. Use 1/4 cup with each load of laundry, for a hot water wash.

If you must use cold water, put the powder into a saucepan with some water and heat it up until it is completely dissolved, then pour it into the cold-water load. Otherwise you will run the risk of having powdery smears on your darker clothes.

If you find you must treat oily spots, rub in a small amount of shampoo or dishwashing liquid. This works very well for ring-around-the-collar. For other stains, use a white toothpaste. Brush these in with an old toothbrush. You keep for this purpose.


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