Stain Removal – Effective And Cheap!

There’s lots out there about stain removers, but this one is just as effective as some of the top commercial stain removers, and more than others. You need:

2 oz. Hydrogen Peroxide
1 oz. Pure Liquid Castile Soap

Put into a small squeeze bottle or spray bottle. Just apply it to the stain (the fresher the accident the better) rinsing the article out first, if possible, and let the stain remover do its work.

Another great trick, which I did not believe until I saw it, follows.

Years ago, my teenage niece borrowed my beautiful White Stag skirt, and got nail polish on it. I freaked and she told me not to worry, she’d get it out. I was miserable as she kept dabbing nail polish remover on it until there was one huge pink smear that had spread across the fabric. She kept dabbing it with tissue, then ran into the bathroom and came back with toothpaste and a brush and started brushing that in. She finally said, “There”.

“There, what?”

“Well, let it dry and when you wash it, it’ll come out”.

I was still furious, but to humour her and teach her some responsibility, I tossed my beautiful skirt with dried guck all over it into the washer with the rest of the whites.

And you could not even begin to tell where the stain had been. I had the skirt for years after.

So I’ve kept toothpaste in the laundry ever since, and even use it around the taps, caulking, any tiny place dirt can go…meanwhile, my niece is an obsessive cleaner and laundress, and you could eat off her floors, they are that clean.

Thank you, my sweet Nini.


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