Tattoo Cream

My son owns a tattoo parlour and is a tattoo artist who specializes in correcting bad tattoos, reconstructive work after surgery, and portraits. This is the light, non greasy cream I make for his clientèle. Though I say non-greasy, it does protect the scabbing without softening it and can be applied up to four times a day.

In one pot gently heat:

60 ml     Emulsifying Wax

10 ml     Shea Butter

40 ml     Hemp Seed Oil

20 ml     Black Seed Oil


In another pot, heat: 

350 ml   Distilled Water

Both must come to 170˚ to kill microbes, the you turn off the heat and let them cool until you can hold your hands to the sides of the pots. Then using a sterile whisk add:

2.5 ml    Vitamin E

2.5 ml    Grapefruit Seed Extract

2.5 ml    Tea Tree (Essential) Oil

2.5 ml    Patchouli Essential Oil

Using two sterile pitchers, pour these combined liquids back and forth, from as great a height you can manage without spilling, while holding the bottom pitcher on an angle. As the liquids cool they will begin to emulsify. When they are fully emulsified, pour into sterile ointment jars (I used 12, 60-ml jars for this).

Another method of emulsifying is to use a stick blender, which some prefer over the 2-pitcher method…just make sure the stick blender has been completely sprayed with alcohol  so that it is sterile.

Place caps on, but do not move them for 18-24 hours when they will be set.

As I said, this makes a very light cream that leaves a nice feel on the skin. Its scent is reminiscent of a woodshop.


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