The Best, Gentlest Deodorant!

This recipe is an oldie but goodie, to make a deodorant cream like the ones used before roll-ons, sprays, and antiperspirants were developed. And it works better than those push-up deodorants you buy in the health-food stores.

I have never worn antiperspirants because when I was a kid, Right Guard in the girls’ locker room did everyone just fine. Aantiperspirants for problem perspiration became mainstream all of a sudden, then in 1968 information came out that they caused lung lesions and were implicated in breast cancer. So unlike the FDA, I just took a pass.

But this DIY deodorant is amazingly effective and has been lasting me 30 hours (I know this because I took a jammie day) with no underarm odour at all. Plus, it is gentle enough for people with impacted immune systems. It will save you money on buying deodorants in future, and you won’t have to wash your tops every time you wear them unless you actually do get them dirty.

In a small sterile jar, put

  • 1 t. Cream (preferable a basic cream you made yourself)
  • 1 t. Baking Soda
  • 1 t. Talc or White French Clay

Mix these together until very creamy, and massage a small dab into each armpit.

If you are making this for someone else, especially someone recovering for an illness, please don’t add fragrance oil – or even essential oils unless you know what you are doing, as they are medicinal and could be contraindicated.


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