Hair Repair Serum

You won’t believe how easy this is…just make up a batch of your favourite Hot-Oil Treatement, and to that add 4% Glyceryl Stearate, a marriage of glycerine and stearic acid. This will be thin enough to go through a lotion pump, but thick enough to really cling to the hair during a cold treatment.

And a little Glyceryl Stearate will go a long way!

At 30% you can pour it into a tin and you will have a softish pomade, and at 40% it will be more like a lotion bar for  your hair (or skin), so that you will have a lot less oil on your hands to disperse through your hair.

If you’re not sure what consistency you want, here’s a tip…starting off at 4%, put a couple of drops of the hot oil onto a cold cookie sheet, then rub an ice cube underneath. Add more to the hot oil in increments of 5%, and when it is melted, try it on the cookie sheet. Then you will know what consistencies are best for your personal product!

Just remember to hold off adding your Grapefruit Seed Extract and essential oils until you have taken the oil off the heat and let it cool down a fair bit!


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