How to Make A Cream Or Lotion

There are things you need to know about making a cream or lotion before you make them.

First off, so many can be multi-purpose. I have a cream I made with Coconut Oil as the carrier, Jojoba as the support oil, and a blend of Rose and Sandalwood Floral Waters in the water phase. I emulsified it with Pola Wax, added a drop of Geranium Essential Oil, and a few drops of GSE as an antioxidant. I also like to put a pinch of Borax in the water phase.

That cream is now a make-up remover, my morning moisturiser, with my mineral face powder, a foundation on special days, the base for my deodorant,base for my Henna Mask, and shaving cream. It’s lovely. And oh, so versatile!

When you make a cream or lotion, you need to understand basic ratios.

The oil phase will include oils and waxes.

The oils will be comprised of 80 – 85% of your carrier oil, and 15 – 20% of your support oil; e.g., Sweet Almond and Sea Buckthorn.

The wax will be your emulsifying wax, such as Pola Wax, Self-Emulsifying Wax – N, or Beeswax (which needs Borax as a secondary emulsifier, or the product will just separate). The ratio should be about 30% for a thin emulsion, to 50% for a thick, waxy one.

Additives such as Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, GSE and essential oils will be added just before the emulsifying begins.

The water phase will include Distilled Water, Floral Waters or Witch Hazel, herbal infusions and decoctions, or any tinctures. Additives like citric acid, ascorbic acid, and Borax will go into the water phase just before emulsifying.

You have to know what you want your cream to do, the skin type it is for, and the oils you want to use.

To be continued…


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