Deodorizing Disks For Smelly Places

You can use these in the bottom of garbage pails, dirty diaper bins, closets, and bathrooms. And no synthetic chemicals to trigger sensitivities!

Prepare your moulds before making these. They can be clean individual yoghurt or apple-sauce containers (also great as shaving soap moulds), pretty soap moulds, or paper cups in muffin tins. 

If you want to hang them in a closet, have a loop of string knotted and ready to embed the knotted end towards the top of the disk, so you can hang it on a push pin, nail, or hanger. Then use bug-repelling Cedar essential oil.

For the sick room, you will want to use the Thyme for the incredible antiviral and disinfectant properties of its main constituent, thymol.

If you prefer a lemony scent, use the Lemon Myrtle; some think it smells more like Lemon than Lemon, and its disinfectant properties are actually stronger than those Tea Tree Oil! It also blends nicely with the Lavender.

2 c. – Baking Soda – 500 ml

½ c. – Hot Water – 125 ml

2 T. – Anise Seed / Cedar / Lavender Essential Oil – 30 ml

1 T. – Lemon Myrtle / Tea Tree / Thyme Essential Oil – 5 ml

  • Add essential oils to the water and mix into the baking soda until very thick.
  • Pour into the moulds, and add the knotted loops of string if you are using them.
  • Let them dry at least 24 hours, longer if the weather is damp, and keep them in an air-tight jar until ready to use.

These can go on the back of the toilet in a pretty dish, in the bottom of smelly disposal pails before you put a fresh bag in, or you can hang them in closets, cupboards, and under the sink. You can also toss them into the bottom of cloth dirty clothes hampers – they will not hurt the clothes and the crumbs can go into the laundry when you launder the bags themselves.


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