How to make creative gift baskets for spa products

Gift Baskets Whether you decide to make your own spa products for sale, to give to friends or loved ones, or for your own use, there’s nothing like a gift basket to add variety and interest to your creations.

This article shares a few of my favorite quick and easy ways to bundle spa products in a gift basket. (You can even do this for your own home use and turn your creations into a presentation item for your bathroom or vanity.)

Why gift sets?

If you aren’t using gift baskets or gift sets as a selling tool, you are missing out on an opportunity to garner more sales. Offering gift sets and baskets is a valuable selling tool that can accomplish multiple objectives:

* New way to promote slow-moving products (pair slow movers with popular items) * Introduce customers to new products (offering special price for sets)
* Capitalize on the “instant gift” nature of gift baskets and gift sets (quick and easy!)
* Perfect for “last minute” gifts (think Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter, Graduation, etc.)

Leveraging the Power of Gift Sets

A bit of creative thinking can go a long way to scoring additional sales throughout the year. Have you considered offering:

* A gift reminder service (perfect for forgetful husbands and boyfriends)
* Gift registry service (for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, Christmas, brides, etc.)
* Custom gift set service (hostess gifts, new mother sets, spa-at-home parties, etc.)

What should you put in a gift set?

The key to creating a well-received gift set is to keep the products relevant, without being trivial. You don’t want the gift recipient to feel as if they received a “generic” gift, but rather one that was selected especially for them.

Luckily, with bath and body products you have a wealth of collateral items that can be added to your gift sets. Use your imagination to find unique pampering gift items that will complement those that you make.

For example:

* Loofah
* Bath Mitts or sponges
* Bath pillow
* Nail files or cuticle kit
* Pumice Stone
* Spa Slippers
* Headband
* Relaxing music
* Herbal tea
* Floating candles, or incense

As you can see – these items don’t need to be expensive. For example, a couple of bath bombs, some sachets of fancy herbal tea, a few fragrant tea-light candles and a CD of soothing music makes a fantastic “Relaxation Set”.

A Word About Containers

You don’t have to use traditional packaging for your gift sets. In fact, you’ll invariably sell more sets when you employ your creativity! You might want to make up small sets packaged in oversized teacups, sheer organza drawstring bags, colorful totes or mini purses, novelty take-out boxes, or even in ceramic floral containers. When you package your gift sets in a non-traditional container that can be used again, the recipient is also gaining an “extra” gift!

To discover more fabulous formulations and savvy sales tips, get your hands on The Handcrafter’s Companion , featuring over 126 pampering product ideas and loads of helpful marketing and promotional information.

So many of my customers are already saving money on store-bought spa products or making a little extra on the side, so it makes perfect financial sense too…

Enjoy creating!

To your success with spa products,

Jane Church
Spa Product Queen


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