A Tip For A Lovelier Face

One of the nicest little things anyone has given me was a little bottle of primer, from my colleague, Anna, at work. I couldn’t believe how nice it made my complexion look – just as nice as vanishing cream when I was young, but without that slightly heavy feeling.

I found out from author Jan Benham that the big secret to primer (seems like it’s always at least $50 for a little bottle) is silica. Plain old silica.

Oh, how such corporate greed angers me. For only $50+ you, too can have .80 cents’ worth of plastic, petrochemicals and silica…

Well, I don’t need a kilo of silica, so one day at work I tried a pinch of sericite mica in a dab of hand cream on the back of one hand. Everyone could see the difference, but…what was the difference? So I decided to try a tiny pinch of the sericite mica in my daily dab o’ moisturizer (my own, of course). And well, don’t it beat all, I looked like I had primer on, only better. Think primer that is not quite matte, but with a tiny hint of dewy. 

And why not? When I want a foundation, I sprinkle some of my own tinted face powder onto my dab of moisturizer, and it looks great without looking unnatural, feels non-existent, and holds my blush and eye shadows quite nicely (also of my own making). So now when I don’t want foundation, but want to look a little nicer all the same, the sericite is currently parked on my bathroom counter,which is typically crowded with several moisturizers, creams, oils, butters, and other goodies I just can’t seem to resist playing with…


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