Orange Paste Wax For Wooden Kitchen Utensils

I had fun developing this one, and you will enjoy making it if you like to cook with wooden utensils. I have a spurtle for stirring porridge, and an olive dipper, both which need occasional ‘oiling’. But I’ve made this up, my whole place smells like oranges, and I like the look…especially on my two breadboards. One is very old and has ‘Bread is the staff of life’ carved around the edges, and the other one is like a puzzle board made from different woods, a lovely thing I bought (but don’t use) from a senior in my neighbourhood. Both sucked the paste up very nicely, then let me buff them to a soft sheen.

  • 100 g.    Beeswax
  • 75 g.      Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 45 ml     Orange Wax
  • 225 ml   Flax Seed Oil
  • 75 ml     Sweet Almond Oil
  • 5 ml       Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Melt all except the Essential Oil together over very low heat, stirring until melted. Stir in the Essential Oil just before pouring into wide-mouthed tins. Lightly cover, and let them sit 4 hours before tightening the lids.

This will make approximately 525 g of a paste wax that is excellent for finishing or caring for wooden kitchen utensils such as breadboards, butcher’s blocks, spurtles, bamboo spoons, etc. Just apply a thin layer of the paste wax and buff. You will find the scent agreeable, and the orange element is antimicrobial.


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