Quick Fixes – Some Natural Remedies

Arthritis: 1 t. Turmeric, 1 t. unflavoured gelatin, 2 . honey, and 1-2 c. Warm milk before bed. Add a pinch of cinnamon or ginger for a better flavour.

Brain Health: Eat eggs for their choline, 2 T. Of Coconut Oil daily for their triglycerides, and drink clean water (reverse osmosis or distilled). That is all your brain is made of, and without causes the brain to be malnourished.

Bruises: Bite a Vitamin E capsule or two, and apply the contents to the bruise, then swallow the capsule.

Blood Sugar: Work a teaspoon of cinnamon into your diet daily or mix with honey into hot water before bed.

Colds: 1 big pinches of Ajwain + 2 tablets of Siberian Ginsing + 1 Zinc 3 x daily, and all the chewable Vitamin C you want. Drink herbal teas: Hibiscus for Vitamin C, Licorice Root tea for cough, Marshmallow Root for sore chest, and Bromelein supplements to break down mucous.

Dairy products will only nourish you if the butterfat is well over 3%. The proteins must have available calcium to be processed, and the fat carries the calcium and helps to get it into the bloodstream. Without the fat, the proteins, which demand calcium, strip it from the bones and teeth. A fetus is brutal in its demand for calcium. So drink less milk if you are concerned about fat and animal proteins, but when you do, use light cream at 5% BF (butterfat). Low-fat dairy products do more harm than good, and have added stabilizers and gums added to them.

Depression: 20 IU Vitamin D3 per lb., with
2.5 mg Magnesium Citrate per lb. Of body weight, daily. Use Magnesium Oil.

Distilled Water will help with many health problems and flush out kidney and liver channels by breaking down insoluble mineral deposits. You do not need to add minerals to the water, as soluble minerals are absorbed by plants, thus you get them from the foods you eat, not water.

Earache: Mash a clove of garlic in 2 t. Olive oil. Wait 10 minutes before straining into a drop bottle. Put a few drops into affected ear and wad with some cotton. Do this 2 x daily until ear is well.

Fats should only be consumed when as close to nature as possible. Genetically modified oils such as corn, soy, and canola are worse for your health than lard. Use cold-pressed virgin oils and low heat when cooking. Clear deodorized cooking oils are also bad as the molecules have been fractured by heat and chemicals, so they enter the bloodstream as free radicals, and exhaust the immune system. Cook with butter, coconut oil, and yellow extra-virgin olive oil as often as possible. Save the fried chicken for a rare treat.

Flu Buster
1 lemon or lime, juiced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 t. Ginger, minced
2 t. Raw honey
1/8 – 1/4 t. Cayenne
2 c. Water

Make this up 2 or 3 times a day at the onset of a cold or Flu, until well.Fatigue: Natural B12 (methylcobalamine) sublingual at 3,000 mcg daily

Memory Fog & Loss: 1 T. Coconut Oil with 10 mg; Lithium Orotate daily against Alzheimer’s.

Insomnia: 3 capsules of flax seed oil (or 3 T. Ground daily), with warm milk and honey at bedtime.

Magnesium Oil: 2 T. Epson Salts In 3 T. Boiling water; stir until dissolved. Pour into glass bottle. Massage 1/2 t. On tummy at bedtime to help calm kicking legs, anxiety, etc.

Tremors: Try using Magnesium Oil, Vitamin D3 therapy as above, and a good teaspoon of liquid lecithin daily, which will coat the myalin sheath around the spinal nerves.

Wounds: Make a cup of comfrey tea, strain, and dip a clean washcloth or handkerchief in the tea. Wring it out and apply to clean wound or bruises. If you need an ointment, raw honey is excellent.


Fung-Away Foot Soak

Fung-Away Foot Soak

This makes a nice hot soak for chilly nights in the winter time, or as a cooling soak in tepid water for sandal weather, especially when using Peppermint!

1 liter Water
1/4 c. Baking Soda/Apple Cider Vinegar
2 t. Salt
12 drops Tea Tree/Peppermint Essential Oil

Mix the above ingredients in a basin just large enough for your feet, and allow them to soak for 20 minutes. Afterwards would be a good time to attend to cuticles and dry skin, and apply some cream to moisturize those heels.

Did you know…? You can apply a few drops of Tea Tree Oil directly to your clean nails after a shower or bath to continue working on fungal infections. Using a toothpaste with it will also help diminish candida in your mouth and throat, as will eliminating as much starch and sugar from your diet as possible.

Interesting Notes on Asberger’s Syndrome

We all know someone who is seemingly cold and distant, but seem to think everything is fine; I certainly have this in my family.

From a very busy girl sometimes blogging at
Shucky’s Kitchen
Nelsie’s Cupboard, and
Parkdale Knifty Knitters!

From Medicine.net, some of the symptoms that may be present are:

  • Lack of social awareness;
  • Lack of interest in socializing/making friends;
  • Difficulty making and sustaining friendships;
  • Inability to infer the thoughts, feelings, or emotions of others;
  • Either gazing too intently or avoiding eye contact;
  • Lack of changing facial expression, or use of exaggerated facial expressions;
  • Lack of use or comprehension of gestures;
  • Inability to perceive nonverbal cues or communications;
  • Failure to respect interpersonal boundaries;
  • Unusually sensitive to noises, touch, odors, tastes, or visual stimuli;
  • Inflexibility and over-adherence to or dependence on routines; and
  • Stereotypical and repetitive motor patterns such as hand flapping or arm waving.
  • Language may be interpreted literally, and difficulties can arise with interpreting language in a specific context.
  • There are difficulties with understanding the subtle use of language, such as irony or sarcasm.

For a great look at men who may have Asberger traits, read this fascinating article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-2557765/Is-man-wired-differently.html

About Anorexia Nervosa…

I just wanted to pass on some historical information that may or may not be helpful.

Until 1932, if a girl started ‘pining’ the physician would prescribe Tincture of Cannabis, available at the pharmacy. A few drops in water and she would start eating.

To make a tincture, one measures a dry herb by volume, and covers it with the same volume of grain alcohol (like alcool, or vodka) in a covered jar. It is kept in a dark place and shaken daily. After 10 days it is filtered through an unbleached coffee filter into a sterile bottle. The typical dosage is then 3 drops in a glass of water, but may go up one drop at a time to 10 until the munchies occur.

Also, cannabis was one of the healing herbs in the Bible, so it is man’s law, not God’s, that prohibits its use.

Aromahead’s September Newsletter

Andrea Butje is a well respected aromatherapist who also educates and certifies aromatherapists. She sends out a very good monthly email, which I hope inspires you!

This month, the entire Aromahead team is excited about our webinar on how to become an expert in Aromatherapy!

September 13, 2017
Aromahead’s September Newsletter

How to Make A Cream Or Lotion

There are things you need to know about making a cream or lotion before you make them.

First off, so many can be multi-purpose. I have a cream I made with Coconut Oil as the carrier, Jojoba as the support oil, and a blend of Rose and Sandalwood Floral Waters in the water phase. I emulsified it with Pola Wax, added a drop of Geranium Essential Oil, and a few drops of GSE as an antioxidant. I also like to put a pinch of Borax in the water phase.

That cream is now a make-up remover, my morning moisturiser, with my mineral face powder, a foundation on special days, the base for my deodorant,base for my Henna Mask, and shaving cream. It’s lovely. And oh, so versatile!

When you make a cream or lotion, you need to understand basic ratios.

The oil phase will include oils and waxes.

The oils will be comprised of 80 – 85% of your carrier oil, and 15 – 20% of your support oil; e.g., Sweet Almond and Sea Buckthorn.

The wax will be your emulsifying wax, such as Pola Wax, Self-Emulsifying Wax – N, or Beeswax (which needs Borax as a secondary emulsifier, or the product will just separate). The ratio should be about 30% for a thin emulsion, to 50% for a thick, waxy one.

Additives such as Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, GSE and essential oils will be added just before the emulsifying begins.

The water phase will include Distilled Water, Floral Waters or Witch Hazel, herbal infusions and decoctions, or any tinctures. Additives like citric acid, ascorbic acid, and Borax will go into the water phase just before emulsifying.

You have to know what you want your cream to do, the skin type it is for, and the oils you want to use.

To be continued…

Nelsie’s Complexion Soap

Nelsie’s Complexion Soap

  • 2 c. extra-virgin coconut oil
  • ½ c. hemp seed butter
  • ½ c. water
  • 2 T. Borax
  • 2 T. lye

Dissolve the Borax in the water. When it is dissolved, add the lye (do not bend over it) and stir very gently. When the lye is dissolved, heat the coconut oil and hemp seed butter just until melted. When you can just hold your hand to the sides of the oil and the lye, pour the lye into the oil (not the other way around!), and stir. Keep stirring until it comes to ‘trace’, which is, when you drizzle soap across the surface, it does not sink back into the soap but stays on top. You will know it is almost there when it sinks into the soap at level, but does not lose the shape of the drizzle.

When it comes to trace, pour into soap molds. When it becomes solid (in about an hour), turn the oven on to its lowest setting, though if it is a gas oven you will not need to do this. Wrap in a towel, turn off the oven, and place the soap in the oven to incubate for 24 hours. Hang a sign on the oven so that no-one will turn it on.

After 24 hours, pop the soaps out and place them on a baker’s rack. After 10 days, turn them. You can test them after 14 days by licking the soap – if it tingles, it is still curing. Give it another 7 days before testing again. As soon as it no-longer tingles, you can wrap it for sale.

SAP Values – Revised.xls