Nelsie’s EBooks

If you would like a copy of the booklets I have written based on the material I teach in my workshops (plus more!), I would be happy to sell you one through my PayPal account. They are available in .PDF format, and include:

Thrifty & Green Cleaning Products – $12

This booklet is chock full of recipes for the laundry, carpets, general cleaning…my students are pleasantly surprised, especially at how lovely the Victorian Wood Polish is to use, and what it does for antique wood!

Glorious, Beautiful, and Natural Hair – $12

These recipes are so gentle and versatile that products based on them can be used with cancer victims and those with depressed immune systems. Natural raw materials are used for a complete system designed to detoxify the skin and hair while making them healthy and shiny as possible. Also included are instructions for making and sustaining natural-looking hair colouring with herbal ingredients that work!

A Natural Hair Colouring System That Really Works – $10

Perfect for those who understand how harmful commercial hair colouring products are, and those recovering from acute illnesses or living with autoimmune deficiencies or diseases. Your hair will look natural and healthy using this system.

Powders For Beauty, Health, & Home – $12

Here are handy recipes for the whole house…from dishwasher powder, to baby powder, face powder, tooth powders and whitener, bath salts and more.

Watch for more to come! I am happy to put together a private workshop and recipes for you or your group if you are in the Greater Toronto area, in:

  • Soapmaking  – cold-process or melt & pour
  • M&P Soaps & Bathsalts for Gift-Giving
  • Natural Hair Care – make your own shampoo and conditioner, and more
  • Colour Your Hair Naturally – no harsh chemicals!
  • Green Cleaning: The Green Home – help for the chemically sensitive housekeeper
  • Powders, Powders, Powders! –  from body powder to laundry powder
  • Mummy & Me – make your own baby products

Email me at and let me know what your interests are!



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