Skin Tag Removal

There is a very expensive skin-tag remover on the internet, which in my thinking is outrageously expensive for what is in it. It is made from three natural oils that can be used on their own, or in combination. The reviews indicate that in combination is fairly successful, so here I will list those oils.

In a small, sterile vial put:

30 drops Castor Oil
30 drops Tea Tree Oil
30 drops Thuja Essential Oil

Apply a few drops to a cotton ball and dab onto the skin tags up to 3 times a day. They should disappear without scarring with a couple of weeks.

Other remedies are:

Apply nail polish to them morning and night (this was what my doctor suggested for getting rid of a horrendous wart on my daughter’s knee, and though it took several weeks, it did work!)

Cover the skin tag with duct tape, and leave on until the duct tape peels off naturally. If the skin tag is still there, do it again.